Steph’s New Brew Review: Ass Kisser Porter Pounder

Steph’s New Brew Review: Ass Kisser Porter Pounder

Ass Kisser Porter Pounder, an 8% smoked porter

Founded in March of 2010, Ass Kisser Ales is a family owned craft beer brand operated by Ass Kisser Beverage Company. The Ales are brewed in San Jose, California at Hermitage/Ass Kisser Ales Brewery.

Their mission statement is, “In every bottle we put our effort and desire to provide high quality ales that have flavor, style and depth while providing a fun and share worthy experience.” All of their beers adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, using only four basic ingredients in the brewing process: water, barley, hops and yeast (note: the role of yeast in fermentation was not discovered until the 1800s).

Their collection of beers include a Double IPA, Vanilla Pale Ale, American Style Hefeweizen, and Strawberry Belgian Style Wit.

Porter Pounder is a smoked porter made with English and American hops and lots of dark and crystal malts. It gets its smokiness from the Rauch malts, a malt used in Rauchbiers from Bamberg, Germany. Ass Kisser Ales describes the beer as being smoky with a caramel malt backbone and medium hop bitterness.


Very dark brown with red hues, minimal tan head, some lacing


Slight hint of smoked malts, roasty, sweet dark fruits


A little smoky with hints of caramel, coffee and chocolate; nice bitterness from the hops; finishes very malty and dry


Medium bodied; easy drinking for 8%


I like the balance of this beer. I am intrigued enough to seek out another Ass Kisser beer. This is a “beginner’s smoked porter,” not for those who crave Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier (sorry, Brian and Missy!).

 Check out… this video from Ass Kisser Ales to learn more about Porter Pounder.

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