Steph’s New Brew Review: Mostly Cloudy

Steph’s New Brew Review: Mostly Cloudy

Long Trail Brewing Company Mostly Cloudy, a 4.7% ABV Unfiltered Belgian White

Appearance Hazy golden color; fluffy white head; tons of bubbles.
Aroma Tons of citrus; peppery.
Taste Bright, subtle sweetness, citrusy.
Mouthfeel Medium-bodied; high carbonation.
Overall Fresh and easy drinking.

Long Trail Ale was first sold in 1989. Known as Mountain Brewers back then, the crew brewed in a 45 barrel brewhouse in the basement of the Old Woolen Mill in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. Back then Vermont was better known for maple syrup than beer.

Today Long Trail offers a family of beers that includes year round beers like Limbo IPA and the original Long Trail Ale, as well as seasonals like Sick Day and Stand Out. The Bush & Barrel series includes Imperial Pumpkin and Imperial Stout, while other limited beers like the Brown Bag series and Farm House series appear occasionally.

Mostly Cloudy, the seasonal Belgian Witbier from Long Trail Brewing Company is sure to help us put the cold, snowy days of winter behind us and look forward to the warmer days of spring. Whether you prefer partly sunny or mostly cloudy, Long Trail has the perfect brew for you.

Mostly Cloudy boasts a mostly cloudy body with a light, fluffy head with aromas of citrus and spices. Modeled after traditional Belgian Witbiers brewed in monasteries during the 14th century, Long Tail refined the recipe for their Belgian White and recently packaged the beer with a new look and name.

Wanna pick this one up? Use Long Trail’s Beer Finder to locate your favorite brews.
Check out… this video of the bottling line at Long Trail Brewing Company.

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