Steph’s New Brew Review: Lights On

Steph’s New Brew Review: Lights On

Tree House Brewing Company Lights On, a 5.6% ABV American Pale Ale

Appearance Hazy yellow-orange color with a fluffy, white head.
Aroma Bright tropical fruit notes and hints of pine.
Taste Tropical fruit deliciousness. Mango, pineapple, papaya.
Mouthfeel Smooth and creamy, moderate carbonation.
Overall Magic in a can. Truly spectacular.

Tree House Brewing Company is a tremendously popular artisan brewery located in Monson, a small town in western Massachusetts. Known for their exquisite ales, the offerings at Tree House vary based on the season, their moods, and innovations discovered in the midst of day in and day out brewing.

The retail shop at Tree House is open on Wednesdays for can sales only. The shop is also open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for can and bottle sales, as well as growler fills. Current availability is listed here. It is not out of the question for beer lovers to line up early and wait hours for a chance to purchase beer at Tree House.

Lights On is a world class modern American Pale Ale brewed to celebrate the new beginning of spring. Lights On pours a hazy orange color, releasing aromas of sweet fresh fruit and flavors of papaya, guava, and mango. The soft and fluffy mouthfeel makes Lights On a delight to drink.

Wanna pick this one up? See what’s currently available at Tree House here.
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