Episode 68.5: Well We’re Drinking Here in Allentown

Episode 68.5: Well We’re Drinking Here in Allentown

Mike Manning from The Colony Meadery & John Rowe from County Seat Spirits

Housed in the same building as HiJinx are two other purveyors of craft beverages, The Colony Meadery and County Seat Spirits. After hanging with the HiJinx guys we invited Mike from the meadery and John from the distillery to sit down with us and share some of their delicious creations. We were taken out of our beer tasting comfort zone and treated to quite an educational experience with these different nectars of fermentation. Mike and John are just as passionate about their craft as any of the brewers we’ve met and having these three businesses in one spot makes for quite a unique experience.

Check out Part 1 of this episode with Curt Keck and Chris Becker at HiJinx Brewing

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The Meads

  • Chamer of Sin
  • Beso Exotico
  • Buzzzzz
  • Favorite Child

The Spirits

  • Sand Island White Rum
  • Lock Keeper Gin
  • A Special Treat Made with a Distilled HiJinx Beer


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