Greenpoint Beer & Ale at Dirck The Norseman

Greenpoint Beer & Ale at Dirck The Norseman
Dirck the Norseman
7 N 15th Street at Franklin St. | Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-2940

Greenpoint Beer & Ale is located at Dirck The Norseman, named after the Scandanavian ship builder who crossed the East River from the island of Manhattan in 1626, becoming one of the first citizens of what is now Greenpoint.

The former plastic bag factory seats over 240 patrons in the Germanic-influenced, yet cozy restaurant and brewery. The space features reclaimed wood, tin, and glass, with open rafters and skylights. Cement floors, metal walls, and wooden shelves remind you that you’re in an old factory, but the fireplace keeps you cozy.


There is free parking on North 15th Street, and we snagged a spot right in front of the restaurant by the two windowed garage-doors out front. A carved wooden sign hangs above the entrance, welcoming you into the unique space.

There are 12 rotating beers from Greenpoint Beer & Ale on tap at any time, as well as imported classics like Gaffel Kolsch, Jever Pilsner, and Brauhaus Privat. The house beers on tap during our visit included…

  • Cassius – 8.4% ABV Double IPA
  • Runner – 4.9% ABV London Porter
  • Roggen With the Devil – 5.3% ABV German-Style Roggenbier
  • Helles Gate – 5.5% ABV Smoked Helles Lager
  • Oui Oui! – 8.7% ABV Strong Saison
  • La Bouche Floue – 10% ABV Belgian Dark Strong Ale

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  • Acidifus Jelly – 4.9% ABV Kettle Soured Wild Ale with Fruit
  • Milk & Honey – 4.9% ABV Blonde Ale
  • Neutron Dance – 4.7% ABV Session IPA
  • Smash St. – 6.2% ABV Extra Pale Ale
  • Instant Credibility – 7.5% ABV Vermont-Style IPA
  • Flannel Shirt – 6.8% ABV Pacific Northwest-Style Red IPA


My favorite was Acidifus Jelly, which was conditioned on Concord grapes and pink grapefruit. The beer was delightfully tart and sour with a dry finish.

Later that evening, I had a chance to try Acidifus Rex at Brouwerij Lane, a beer store with over 150 bottles and 19 taps on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. The 7.5% ABV dry-hopped kettle sour was the perfect blend of pine, fruit, and funk.

Beers are available in a half pint for $3, a U.S. pint for $6, a Euro pint for $7, or a liter for $13. Belgian-inspired beers come in 14-ounce glasses, and a flight of five 5-ounce pours costs $14.


Don’t miss out on the delicious food during your visit. Order at the counter by the kitchen, and the food will be brought out to your table.

Enjoy a salad like the Kale Chicken Caesar, or one of the tempting mains like the Bell & Evans Rotisserie Chicken, Chicken Schnitzel, Cauliflower Latke, or Vegetarian Moussaka.

Not too hungry? Share a small plate like the Shrooms in smoky bacon stock, Brussel Sprouts with maple syrup and cilantro broth, or the Potato Pierogies with onions, apple sauce, and sour cream.


Greenpoint Beer & Ale now offers brewery tours every Sunday at 1 PM. The cost includes a guided tour with a small group of 15 fellow beer lovers and samples of 4 half-pints of fresh Greenpoint brew.

Dirck the Norseman opens at 5 PM Monday to Thursday, 4 PM on Friday, and noon on Saturday and Sunday.

What are you waiting for? Go to Brooklyn!

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