Smokestack New Spot for Magnolia Brewing

Smokestack New Spot for Magnolia Brewing
Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing Co.
2505 3rd Street | San Francisco, CA
(415) 864-7468

Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing Company is the new addition to Magnolia Brewing in San Francisco, CA. The new spot is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood, an area once known as a gritty working-class neighborhood, but has experienced rapid transformation over the last two decades.

Founder and brewmaster Dave McLean graduated with a degree in corporate finance, but fell in love with the science of brewing. He participated in the Masters Brewers Program at UC Davis and in 1997 opened Magnolia Pub and Brewery on Haight Street in San Francisco. The brewing system is located in the basement while patrons enjoyed tasty brews and food on the floor above.

During my last trip to San Francisco, Magnolia was one of my favorite stops. I enjoyed the tasty English ales and gastropub fare. When planning our recent trip out west, the new Magnolia location was a priority during our time in the Bay Area.


When you enter Smokestack at Magnolia, you would never believe it was once a simple big, white box. The space feels like a restored historic building, which is emphasized in every detail of the design from the newspaper clippings turned wall paper and antiqued metal and woodwork to the old fashioned light fixtures and

The historic feeling continues as you begin reading the beer list. Beer styles that seem to be forgotten are celebrated and well-crafted at Magnolia from the Mild to the Bitter. Old fashioned cocktails are also served, with the ingredients, including sliced fruits and herbs, creating a decorative touch to the bartop.

When you get to Smokestack, line up at the counter for meats, sides, and beer. The bar serves all beers, flights, cocktails, wines, whiskeys, tequilas, sherry, etc. Find a seat for yourself, and scoot over for others that need a seat. Additional space is available on the brewery dock.

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The 23 taps serve up something for everyone.

  • Aliciella Bitter – 5.0% ABV
  • Bonnie Lee’s Best Bitter – 4.1% ABV
  • Branthill ESB – 4.0% ABV
  • Sara’s Ruby Mild – 3.9% ABV
  • Possum Pale Ale – 6.0% ABV
  • Blue Bell Bitter – 4.5% ABV
  • New Speedway Bitter – 4.0% ABV
  • Working Man’s Ale – 4.2% ABV
  • Weather Report Wheat – 5.0% ABV
  • Saison De Lily – 7.3% ABV
  • Prescription Pale Ale – 4.7% ABV
  • Stout of Circumstance – 6.1% ABV
  • Tillie’s Union Ale – 4.5% ABV
  • Kalifornia Kölsch – 4.1% ABV
  • Proving Ground IPA – 7.2% ABV
  • Cole Porter – 4.8% ABV

On cask…

  • Proving Ground IPA – 7.2% ABV, 100 IBU
  • New Speedway Bitter – 4.0% ABV
  • Working Man’s Ale – 4.1% ABV

Guest taps…

  • Golden State’s Mighty Dry Cider
  • Faction Brewing’s Faction Pilsner
  • Craftsman Brewing’s Heavenly Hefeweizen
  • Fort Point Brewing’s Westfalia Red Ale


Then there’s the food. The food is certainly not an afterthought. It is an additional expression of creativity brought to the restaurant. Whole hogs, from head to tail, are used to create enticing BBQ dishes.

The current menu is listed on Smokestack’s website. Current offerings include Brandt Brisket, Hot Pastrami, Wagyu Beef Back Ribs, Chopped Pork, Thai Chili Cheddar Sausage, and Smoked Natural Chicken.

Cold sides include green cabbage slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, chickpea salad, wild arugula salad, and Napa cabbage kimchi jar. Hot sides include smoked mac and cheese, chipotle pork and beans, dirty rise, and braised kale and collard greens.


Smokestack is open everyday 11:30AM to midnight. The bar stays open until 2AM on Friday and Saturday.

The brewery is cool, comfortable, and provides a sense of belonging, from historic feel of the space to the welcoming atmosphere that allows the furthest traveler to feel like a local.

Check out “The Complete Making of Magnolia Dogpatch” by Oct28 Productions:

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