Episode 53: Shut Up, Luke

Episode 53: Shut Up, Luke

Ep-53-ThumbWith Trevor Hayward and Luke Bowen from Evil Genius

The Evil Genuises return once again to the Beer Busters Podcast Basement and the usual debauchery ensues. Luke and Trevor got us up to speed on the latest developments at Evil Genius Beer Company, including some new recruits. News included some craft alternatives for certain macro brews, some tasting notes on 170 year old beer and a discussion on a recent change to PA distribution laws. Steph continued giving us some sage advice on hangovers in Know Your Beers, we played What’s in My Glass? in Happy Fun Time and sampled two new Evil Genius offerings as well as a slew of other brews the gents were kind enough to bring along.

Check out… this infographic listing craft alternatives for macrobrews and Stone’s “open-source” recipe for their discontinued original Pale Ale.

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 The Line-up…

From Evil Genius:

  • Hop King
    8.2% ABV, 96 IBU Imperial India Pale Ale
  • I’ll Have What She’s Having
    9.4% ABV, 87 IBU Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout

Sipping Beers:

And more:

  • Hop Hunter IPA
    6.2% ABV IPA by Sierra Nevada
  • Rebel Rider IPA
    4.5% ABV Session IPA by Samuel Adams
  • Rebel Rouser Double IPA
    8.4% ABV Double IPA by Samuel Adams
  • 2013 Bourbon County Stout
    14.2% ABV Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels by Goose Island


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