Top Shelf: Laird’s Apple Brandy Gran Met

Top Shelf: Laird’s Apple Brandy Gran Met

On every episode of Beer Busters we taste a handful of beers at the end of the show. Some are ok, some are pretty good and some are just delicious. But, occasionally, we get our hands on a beer that is totally, phenomenally, utterly incredible. Laird’s Apple Brandy Gran Met by Voodoo Brewery, which we tasted in Episode 3: Read Beertween the Lines, is one such beer. This brew is so fantastically awesome that we went back to it after tasting another beer and nearly forgot we were recording a podcast.

Steph, who “is the social media” and our maven of PR, got in touch with the guys over at Voodoo and got some info on this brew.

Voodoo Brewery’s Gran Met is a Belgian style tripel with a flash of delicate flavors which was aged for 18 months in Laird’s Apple Brandy barrels. Beet sugar is added during fermentation which softens the alcohol flavor production. The ABV is 9.5% and it’s available year round in cases of 24 12oz. bottles and 12 22oz. bottles.

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Barrel-BeersAn event was hosted at Voodoo Brewery on March 23rd, 2013 where the Gran Met was released along with its Barrel Room Collection counterparts:

  • Buffalo Trace Black Magick (12oz.) – 552 bottles
  • Pappy Van Winkle Black Magick (12oz.) – 523 bottles
  • Laird’s Apple Brandy Black Magick (12oz.) – 174 bottles
  • Buffalo Trace Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz.) – 268 bottles
  • Pappy Van Winkle Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz.) – 267 bottles
  • Laird’s Apple Brandy Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz.) – 171 bottles

It was quite a success, especially considering it was their first time doing an event like this, and they have another one scheduled for September 2013.

They will be releasing more information about the beers for that event on their Facebook page and website in the months to come, but they mentioned it will feature never before released beers from Voodoo like a Wee Heavy and Barley wine each with its own barrel treatments!


Thank you to Matteo Rachocki, COO from Voodoo Brewery for providing this information and the photographs.

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