Terrapin’s Lucille is Out for Blood

Terrapin’s Lucille is Out for Blood

Following the success of Ommegang’s Game of Thrones beer, it’s a wonder there aren’t more television and beer pairings.

Enter: Terrapin Beer Company. In 2015, the Athens, Georgia based brewery released their first Walking Dead collaboration, a blood orange IPA. The initial run was released in large format bottles and on draft, and has recently returned to shelves in cans.

As the show has taken a turn into the most gruesome and gritty territory to date, Terrapin introduced their newest partnership brew, Lucille. Fans of the comics and show know the sheer horror inspired by the weapon, simply a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Its owner, the voracious villain Negan, is a man without scruples who has built an empire in the apocalypse.

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Lucille (the beer) is an imperial stout that will leave your head in slightly better shape than Lucille (the bat). With an impressive 9.4% ABV, this beautifully dark beer pours with an off-white head. Its aroma offers an enticing preview of the woods the beer was aged on: hickory, maple, and white ash – the three woods most commonly used in making baseball bats. Brewed using blackstrap molasses and vanilla, the beer boasts a nice rounded sweetness with maltiness with a little heat at the back end to remind you how much power Lucille should command.

The limited edition brew serves as the perfect companion to an episode of the show, letting the alcohol comfort you while the apocalypse continues to unfold before your eyes.

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