Steph’s New Brew Review: Slingshot

Steph’s New Brew Review: Slingshot

Backpocket Brewing Slingshot, a 5.3% ABV German-style Dunkel

Appearance Clear dark amber color with fluffy tan head.
Aroma Pleasant roasted malt aroma; bready and caramelly.
Taste Toasted malt flavors of toffee, caramel; finishes crisp and dry.
Mouthfeel Light-bodied, moderate carbonation, smooth.
Overall Great American example of a classic German bier!

Backpocket Brewing, located in Coralville, Iowa, has chosen to adhere to the German Purity Laws or Reinheitsgebot.

Simply put, this means only four ingredients are allowed in beer: water, grain, hops and yeast.

Backpocket’s goal is to produce the finest beer possible, giving beer drinkers the peace of mind knowing only four ingredients went into each beer. No additives and no preservatives.

Dunkel is the German word for dark. Dunkel originated in the beer halls of Munich, Germany, and it is one of the oldest beer styles in the world. They are characterized by the smooth, malty flavor.

Slingshot is Backpocket Brewing’s take on this classic beer style. Their version is brewed with Pilsner, Caramel Light, Caramel Dark, Munich, and Chocolate malts, the flavors of which are balanced by the addition of Hallertau Mittelfruh, and Perle hops.

This beer may be dark, but it is light-bodied and smooth with subtle complexities, like the toasted flavors often associated with dark beers. Since Slingshot is a lager, it ferments out clean, much light a typical light-colored beer. Bringing the best of both worlds, Slingshot is a beer you can drink all night.

Thank you again to the awesome Nicholas Schoenfelder!

Wanna pick this one up? Use Backpocket Brewing’s Beer Finder.
Check out… this news clip from KGAN CBS about Backpocket Brewing:

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