Steph’s New Brew Review: SeaQuench Ale

Steph’s New Brew Review: SeaQuench Ale

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery SeaQuench Ale, a 4.9% ABV Sour Ale

Appearance Hazy golden yellow; thin white head dissipates quickly. Tons of bubbles.
Aroma Bright citrus and lime aromas; hint of coriander.
Taste Tart and crisp; bright lime flavors. Salt comes through, followed by sweet malt notes.
Mouthfeel Lighter-bodied with high carbonation.
Overall Unique and refreshing!

The newest beer from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, SeaQuench Ale was released in August 2016. Dogfish Head describes the new concoction as a “session sour quencher made with lime peel, black lime and sea salt. It’s a citrusy-tart union of three German styles of beer blissfully brewed into one.”

SeaQuench Ale is a German hybrid of three beer styles – kölsch, gose, and Berliner weisse. First, a straightforward kölsch base is brewed with loads of wheat and Munich malt. Then a salty gose is brewed with black limes, coriander, and sea salt. Finally, a citrusy-tart Berliner weisse beer is made with lime juice and lime peel. The final product is a blend of all three beers, creating “an amazingly refreshing, super sessionable soft sour ale,” according to Sam Calagione.

Calagione jokes that this beer is an “F-U to the Reinheitsgebot” – during the 500th anniversary of the “German Beer Purity Law” that says it’s illegal to brew with anything other than water, barley, and hops.

The release of this beer marks the beginning of a partnership between Dogfish Head and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, focusing on “inspiring conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures”. Dogfish Head worked with the National Aquarium to replicate sea salt sourced from both Maine and the Chesapeake Bay.

SeaQuench Ale will be available in bottles and on draft through the fall. The beer will be released as a year round offering in 2017.

Wanna pick this one up? Click here to see where SeaQuench Ale is available.
Check out… this video from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery!

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