Steph’s New Brew Review: PseudoSue

Steph’s New Brew Review: PseudoSue

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company PseudoSue, a 5.8% ABV, 50 IBU American Pale Ale

Appearance Yellow orange color, white head.
Aroma Citrus, tropical fruit hop aromas with bready malt notes.
Taste Cracker malt base with bright grapefruit, mango, and pine flavors.
Mouthfeel Medium bodied, moderate carbonation.
Overall Juicy, clean, and refreshing with just enough bite.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, located in Decorah, Iowa, started in May of 2009 by Clark and Barb Lewey after months of experimental homebrewing projects. Located in a small town 150 miles from Madison, Wisconsin, Toppling Goliath started as a nanobrewery with a ½-barrel system, brewing 3 times a day for almost 2 years.

Once demand could not be kept up with, Toppling Goliath upgraded to a 10-barrel brewhouse. Today, brewing on a new high-quality, 4-vessel, 30-barrel system; and packaging on a new state of the art filling line, the demand still outpaces supply.

Beer-rating sites including BeerAdvocate and RateBeer had a hand in spreading the word about Toppling Goliath. According to RateBeer, Toppling Goliath made the single best beer in the world (Kentucky Brunch, an imperial coffee stout aged in whiskey barrels) and was considered the second-best brewery in the world in 2015.

Rated “world class” on BeerAdvocate, PseudoSue is a single hop pale ale that showcases the Citra hop. This well balanced beer is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen. PseudoSue’s unique and addictive taste is clean and bright with just enough bite!

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