Steph’s New Brew Review: HopBack

Steph’s New Brew Review: HopBack

Tröegs Brewing Company HopBack Amber Ale, a 6.0% ABV 55 IBU Amber Ale

Appearance Deep amber; creamy white head.
Aroma Bold, spicy aroma with floral notes; caramel malts.
Taste Floral, spicy hop flavor; finishes slightly sweet.
Mouthfeel Medium-bodied; medium carbonation.
Overall Solid go-to beer. Love this beer.

The name HopBack Amber Ale comes from the hopback vessel in the Tröegs brewhouse. A hopback is an additional chamber that acts as a filter, clearing trub from the wort like a whirlpool, while also increasing hop aroma in the finished beer.

The hopback is located between the kettle and the wort chiller. Whole flower hops are added to the chamber, acting like a filter bed. Hot wort runs through and then is immediately cooled in the wort chiller.

This year-round staple from Tröegs Brewing Company is brewed with Pilsner, Munich, and Crystal malts. Cascade, Williamette, and Nugget hops are added during the boil, with Nugget and Crystal added in the hopback. HopBack Amber Ale boasts a fresh hoppy aroma, spicy taste, and rich caramel note.

Tröegs recommends pairing HopBack Amber Ale with big, robust flavors like red meats and strong cheeses like Stilton and Smoked Cheddar. HopBack is best enjoyed when served at 50-55° F in a tumbler.

HopBack Amber Ale has won several awards including the 2012 Gold Medal Great American Beer Festival (American-style Amber/Red Ale), 18th Annual United States Beer Tasting Championship (1st Place – Amber/Red Ale – Mid-Atlantic/Southern Region), 2010 Silver Medal Great American Festival (American Red Ale), 2009 Washington Post Beer Madness, and 2006 Best of Philly (Philadelphia Magazine).

Wanna pick this one up? Use Tröegs Brew Finder.
Check out… this video from Tröegs featuring their first brew in Hershey – HopBack Amber Ale!

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