Steph’s New Brew Review: Heather Ale

Steph’s New Brew Review: Heather Ale

Cambridge Brewing Company Heather Ale, a 5.0% ABV Herbal Beer

Appearance Light amber-golden color, creamy white head.
Aroma Herbal, floral, honey, spiciness, sweet malt.
Taste Pleasant lavender/heather flavor; bready, spicy; dry finish with slight tartness.
Mouthfeel Medium-bodied, moderate carbonation.
Overall Wow. The fresh, herbal flavors of this beer are pleasant, not at all perfumy or displeasing. With each sip, you discover something new – banana then mint then tropical fruit. The dry, tart finish is refreshing and causes the need for another sip. Heather Ale is complex, balanced, and delicious. You should most definitely try this beer.

Cambridge Brewing Company, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, brews traditional, new American, and experimental beers styles. They were the first commercial brewery in America to produce a Belgian beer, and their barrel cellar was one of the first of its kind.

Cambridge Brewing Company describes Heather Ale as their “World Famous Herbal Beer with Handpicked Fresh Heather Flowers.” This historic beer style was originally crafted by the inhabitants of coastal Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Northern British Isles prior to the advent of hopped beers.

Each summer, CBC sets aside a day when the Brew Crew and friends pick fresh heather flowers in Westport, Massachusetts. The addition of fresh heather flowers both balance and add flavor to the sweet, toasted, rustic character of the malted barley. CBC uses imported Scottish floor-malted barley. The heather, along with sweet gale and lavender, are added to the kettle during the boil. Another addition of heather along with yarrow is made during conditioning.

Brewed with imported Scottish floor-malted barley, fresh hand-harvested heather flowers are added to the kettle during the boil along with sweet gale and lavender, with a further addition of fresh heather and yarrow to the conditioning tanks.

Heather Ale won the bronze medal in the Herb & Spice Beer category at the GABF in 2011. The brew also won the silver medal in the same category in 2012.

Wanna pick this one up? Use the Cambridge Brewing Company Beer Finder.

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