Steph’s New Brew Review: Greenmarket Wheat

Steph’s New Brew Review: Greenmarket Wheat

Brooklyn Brewery Greenmarket Wheat, a 5.5% ABV bottle-refermented ale brewed with honey, orange peel, and coriander

Appearance Golden color with fluffy, long-lasting white head.
Aroma Wheat, citrus, slight fruitiness.
Taste Wheat up front, slight honey sweetness, spicy finish.
Mouthfeel Light bodied, medium carbonation.
Overall Super delicious and easy to drink. The Belgian yeast brings something new and interesting to one of my favorite beer styles.

Greenmarket Wheat was Brooklyn Brewery’s response to Governor Cuomo’s 2012 Farm Brewery License legislation, which encourages craft breweries to use local ingredients. This beer is brewed with 70% New York State-grown wheat and barley as well as upstate wildflower honey. All of the ingredients are from within 200 miles of New York City.

This new beer is the result of a partnership with GrowNYC, a nonprofit in New York City that runs the 53 greenmarkets, and local farms committed to growing wheat, barley, and hops for local craft breweries. The raw wheat comes from North Country Farm in Watertown, New York, the pilsner barley malt comes from Valley Malt in Hardley, Massachusetts, and the wildflower honey comes from Tremblay Apiaries in Chemung County, New York.

Drinking this beer helps to reinvigorate the state’s grain industry and benefits GrowNYC’s mission to support family farms, farmers markets, gardens, recycling and education. A percentage of sales from this beer go to GrowNYC.

Greenmarket Wheat is a bright and refreshing ale. The raw wheat provides a zing, barley malt brings depth, and the house Belgian yeast lends complexity. Orange peel, local honey and a dash of coriander are added, then the beer is naturally carbonated by re-fermentation in 750ml cork-finished bottles.

Wanna pick this one up? Click here to find Brooklyn brews near you.
Check out… this video from Brooklyn Brewery. Tour the Local 1 bottling line with Garrett Oliver and learn more about bottle re-fermentation.

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