Steph’s New Brew Review: Dirty Little Freak

Steph’s New Brew Review: Dirty Little Freak

DuClaw Brewing Company Dirty Little Freak, a 5.8% ABV Coconut Caramel Chocolate Brown Ale

Appearance Amber; fluffy white head.
Aroma Dark chocolate, caramel, toasted coconut.
Taste Strong toasted coconut flavor with chocolate notes; lingering sweetness.
Mouthfeel Medium-bodied; moderate carbonation.
Overall Quite tasty. If you love coconut, you will love this beer.

Dave Benfield began homebrewing while in college. He worked for his family’s business after graduation, but his obsession for brewing steadily grew over time. After breaking the news to his family, he opened DuClaw Brewing Company in Bel Air, Maryland in 1996. The brewpub quickly became a “hip” place for locals to hang out.

Today, Dave works with Brewmaster Jim Wagner to create the creative line of DuClaw beers – constantly testing new combinations of ingredients. They have brewed over 35 unique beers, each seeming to be more and more creative, including 31(the pumpkin spiced lager), Cocoa Fuego (a chocolate chipotle stout), and Guilty Filthy Soul (an imperial chocolate rye porter).

Dirty Little Freak is a coconut caramel chocolate brown ale. First brewed in 2014, the beer takes the traditional American Brown Ale and gives it a sensual new twist. The medium-bodied brown ale offers a blend of warm, roasted malt, coconut, caramel, and chocolate balanced by a gentle hop bite. DuClaw says, “It’s time to release your inner freak… there is no safe word…”

Wanna pick this one up? Use DuClaw’s Beer Locator.
Check out… the Dirty Little Freak release video from DuClaw!

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