Serving Their Country, Serving Their Brews: Young Veterans Brewing Company

Serving Their Country, Serving Their Brews: Young Veterans Brewing Company
Young Veterans Brewing Company
2505 Horse Pasture Road
Virginia Beach, VA

Founders Thomas Wilder and Neil McCanon opened the doors to Young Veterans Brewing Company on September 7, 2013.

Thomas served for 4 years in the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer/Equipment Operator and completed a 14 month tour in Mosul, Iraq. Neil served for 3 years in the US Army with the 1st Infantry Division and a tour in Iraq. He re-enlisted as a Drill Sergeant in the US Army Reserves for an additional 7 years.

Thomas was a homebrewer for 7 years and dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Neil also homebrewed, then attended the Siebel Institute and worked as an apprentice at O’Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk, VA.


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The tasting room includes a bar area and a separate seating area for about 2 dozen people. Open 7 days a week, visitors can purchase pints or samplers to enjoy on site or growlers to go. Young Veteran Beers are also available in bars throughout Virginia.

The sampler included 5 beer pours; 4 house beers and 1 guest beer.

  • Pineapple Grenade – 5.6% ABV, 12 IBU Hefeweizen
  • Semper F.I.P.A – 6% ABV, 62 IBU Citra-Hopped IPA
  • Old Frogman – Wet Hopped Harvest Ale

  • Night Vision – 6% ABV, 46 IBU American Stout
  • El Guapo – 7.5% ABV Agave IPA from O’Connor Brewing

Other beers from Young Veterans include:

  • New Recruit – 5.3% ABV Honey Blonde Ale
  • Big Red Rye – 6.7% ABV Red Rye IPA

  • Jet Noise – 8% ABV Double IPA


Old Frogman was brewed to celebrate the one year anniversary of Young Veterans. The Wet Hopped Harvest Ale was brewed with hops from a hop farm in Midlothian, VA. They used Zeus and Cascade hops.

Drink beer and support young veterans! Young Veterans Brewing Company is also located near the Oceana Naval Air Station, so enjoy a pint while you watch jets fly overhead!

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