Homemade Cheese with Cheese Wiz Emily Klie

Homemade Cheese with Cheese Wiz Emily Klie

As beer lovers, we are familiar with the wonderful things our funky little friends we call yeast can accomplish through fermentation. One of the many truly incredible products derived through this process is that magical food that is cheese. Sharp, savory, pungent or creamy, cheese is a versatile staple with a broad spectrum of aromas, flavors and characteristics.

EmilyRecently, the members of the Berks Homebrew Club were treated to a cheese-making demonstration by Emily Klie during the club’s monthly meeting at The Canal Street Pub.

Emily is a self-described “cheese nerd” who apprenticed at a farmstead goat dairy in the Hudson Valley and now teaches basic to intermediate cheese making classes in the Philadelphia and Reading areas.

Cheese making at home need not be a complicated endeavor. In fact, many cheeses can be made with no more than the equipment found in your average home kitchen, said Emily.

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During the demonstration she made a batch of Ricotta with nothing more than milk, vinegar and baking soda, using a large pot on a portable burner and a thermometer to monitor the temperature. The solids were then extracted by pouring the mixture through a cloth-covered colander. Easy-peasy.

You can find her Fool Proof Homemade Ricotta recipe here.


After the demonstration, Emily passed around some samples of homemade cheddar and answered questions ranging from what’s involved in creating more complex cheeses to useful things to do with leftover whey. On the latter, some interesting uses included using it as a weed killer and, mentioned by a homebrew club member, treating road surfaces in winter.

Emily is available for private classes and parties and has several upcoming classes at theGoggleWorks in Reading, PA and at Cooking Spotlight in Phoenixville, PA. If you’re a fan of cheese (who isn’t?) and your into DIY, these courses are worth a look.

For more info you can visit Emily’s blog at www.fermenton.wordpress.com or contact her through email at eklie@u.rochester.edu.

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