Harrisburg-Based Video Company to Produce Pennsylvania Craft Beer Documentary

Harrisburg-Based Video Company to Produce Pennsylvania Craft Beer Documentary

Press Release… Harrisburg area production company, GK Visual, has announced a new project focusing on the Commonwealth’s craft beer industry.

Also known for its web series, What’s on Tap, GK Visual created the film, Brewed in the Burg, in 2015, a feature-length film on Harrisburg’s craft beer community.

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“Ever since we started the Brewed project, we’ve really wanted to share the entire state’s craft beer story, and we’re pleased to announce that we are finally doing just that,” said Nate Kresge, GK Visual Co-Owner and Executive Producer.

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Poured in Pennsylvania, or “Poured in PA,” will follow the Commonwealth’s storied beer past, delve into recent growth, and aim to capture the full tale of the beer industry in the keystone state.

To do this, GK Visual will be launching a crowdfunding campaign early next month.

“Though we used our own resources to create Brewed in the Burg, a project of this size will take exponentially more travel and expenses, but we feel confidently that the state’s passionate craft beer community will be interested in supporting this project,” Kresge said.

GK Visual is assembling a line of beer-related prizes and extras as rewards for contributions, much like with any crowdfunding project. The crowdfunding site is expected to go live in early March.

About GK Visual

GK Visual is an award-winning Harrisburg-based photography and video production company. Founded in 2005 by Nate Kresge, GK Visual provides full-service media services including photography, video, motion graphics and event coverage. Through creativity and expert storytelling, GK Visual has earned more than 100 industry awards for excellence in media production.

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