Grist House Brewing Grinds Out Great Beers

Grist House Brewing Grinds Out Great Beers
Grist House Brewing
10 Sherman Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15209
(412) 447-1442

Grist House Brewing was founded in early 2012 by homebrew friends Kyle and Brian. The childhood friends and brother-in-laws were motivated not only by their passion for brewing, but also their desire to introduce as many people as possible to locally made craft beer.

We visited the taproom on a packed (and I mean packed) Saturday night. There was a birthday party taking place in the brewing area, leaving the bar area quite busy. There was a heater on the outdoor deck (complete with a flat screen TV), but most preferred to stay indoors to watch the Pens game.


Despite the crowd, I did not wait long for my beer. The Halloween-themed chalkboard behind the bar listed each beer available on tap on tombstones.

Cool birthday gifts
  • Gristful Thinking – a 4.8% ABV, 24 IBU Pale Ale brewed with Ahtanum, Horizon, and Simcoe hops
  • Tripel Trappist – an 8.3% ABV Tripel
  • Wheatin’ For the Weekend – a 4.3% ABV, 23 IBU American Wheat
  • Lil Bit O’ Nature IPA – a 7.3% ABV Fresh Hopped IPA brewed with Fresh Chinook and Fresh Cascade hops
  • Camp Slap Red – a 6.2% ABV, 68 IBU American Red Ale
  • Gristly Bear Brown – a 5.8% ABV, 38 IBU Brown Ale
  • Crouching Porter Hidden Chocolate – a 6.6% ABV, 30 IBU Porter
  • Black rIPA – a 7.0% ABV, 62 IBU Black Rye IPA
  • High IQ Blonde – a 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU Blonde Ale
  • Tripel Abbey – an 8.3% ABV Tripel
  • Master of the Galaxy – a 7.8% ABV, 91.2 IBU Double IPA brewed with Columbus and Galaxy hops


Two special beers on tap included NoobGains, a 9.3% ABV Imperial Pumpkin Stout (a collaboration with Brew Gentlemen) and FrankenGrist, a 7% ABV Pumpkin Brown Ale.

I enjoyed a pint of the Crouching Porter Hidden Chocolate. The roasted malts, bitter chocolate, and witty name paired nicely with the chilly evening.

The rotating cider was Arsenal Cider Fighting Elleck. Wines from Pittsburgh Winery including merlot and Sauvignon Blanc were also available.


If you visit, pints are $1.50 from 5 to 7 PM for Happy Hour on Thursday and Fridays. The taproom is also dog and family friendly. A food truck is often on hand providing tasty nosh for purchase.

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