Episode 82: Free Will Sour Sunday (or, Dark Delight)

Episode 82: Free Will Sour Sunday (or, Dark Delight)

With John Stemler at Free Will Brewing Company
and Ethan Buckman from Stickman Brews

We trekked out once again to Free Will in Perkasie, PA, this time for the celebration of funk that is Sour Sunday. Brewmaster and sage of sours John Stemler sat down to chat and sip and brought along special guest Ethan Buckman, brewer for the up an coming Stickman Brews in Royersford. As usual, Dan got us up to speed with news. We played old standby Libation or Fabrication in Happy Fun Time and Steph relayed the knowledge on the Berliner Weisse in Know Your Beers. And, of course, we sampled an array of brews from Free Will and Stickman.

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The Lineup…

From Free Will

  • Sour Cherry Power Rocket
    5.5% ABV Sour with Cherries
  • Olly
    7.8% ABV Barrel Aged Sour Brown
  • DC Provisional Funk
    8.9% ABV Brett Saison Aged on Plums, Made with Deer Creek Malt
  • Mojito Key Lime
    4.9% ABV Key Lime Lambic
  • Milk Stout
    7.4% ABV 

From Stickman

  • Psycho Somatic
    8.6% ABV Hoppy Belgian Dark Strong
  • Crushing Student Debt
    8.6% ABV Belgian Double Brown

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