Feel at Home at All Saints Brewing

Feel at Home at All Saints Brewing
All Saints Brewing Company
Rt. 119 & Roseytown Rd. | Greensburg, PA 15601

I visit breweries quite regularly. I’ve been to hundreds of breweries across the United States, met many talented brewers, and consumed some seriously delicious brews. However, every now and then I come across a brewery that offers even more. Something special. Something that makes me wish that brewery was my hometown brewery.

This was my first time visiting All Saints Brewing Company in Greensburg, PA, but I instantly felt like I had been coming there for years. I felt welcomed and comfortable right away, and as I was drinking beers at the bar, chatting with the staff and locals, I didn’t want to leave.


All Saints Brewing Company is the newest addition to the brewing history of Westmoreland County. This area of western Pennsylvania has seen Bavarian monks brewing monastic beer in the first Benedictine monastery in the United States, William “Stoney” Jones’s Eureka Brewing Company of the last 1800s, and the iconic Rolling Rock brand originally brewed at Latrobe Brewing Company.

Jeff Guidos, founder and brewer of All Saints Brewing Company, continues that brewing tradition. As soon as I met Jeff, I felt his passion for not only brewing, but every person who has helped him become a successful commercial brewer. I enjoyed a pint of St. Juttemis Pumpkin Porter as I talked to Jeff in front of the impressive copper brewing system.


But before Jeff shared any information about himself or the brewery itself, he started talking about all of the people that had helped him achieve his dream. His partner and friend Mike is not only an investor, but helps brew now and then, too. Mike was on hand pouring beers for the All Saints Day celebration that was in full swing during our visit.

I felt the passion and teamwork at the core of All Saints Brewing as Jeff talked about installing the brew system, including wiring and plumbing, with his father. Jeff’s “grain guy” Bill, another investor, was also working the event, making and serving lamb burgers.

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The St. Vincent College graduate (with a degree in chemistry) began homebrewing with friends. After realizing his true calling, he became dedicated to pursuing a brewing career, and found an opportunity at Red Star Brewery, starting as assistant brewer then head brewer. The talented brewer was awarded a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2002 for his Voodoo’s Child Lager.

Jeff sold his first keg from All Saints Brewing in December of 2011. The original beers were IPA and Halo, an amber ale. The JV Northwest 7-barrel brewhouse was originally housed at the Red Star Brewery. There’s also two 7-barrel fermenters, two 14-barrel fermenters, and an additional 14-barrel fermenter on the way. Jeff proudly shared that the system is USA made.


All Saints ironically holds consecutive brewing licenses with Helltown Brewing in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Jeff is excited about the other new breweries opening and people getting turned onto craft beer. He says the competition, like Helltown, keeps him on his toes, always pushing him to brew better beer.

Since the All Saints Day celebration was going on, the large open area where the brewing system is located was open complete with live music and extra taps. The taproom in the front of the building is open regularly. After chatting with Jeff for a while, I headed into the taproom to enjoy some beers. Well, I also wanted to try some ghost pepper Chex Mix.

Ed, “the big guy” who works behind the bar, has known Jeff since kindergarten. After finding out about my love for brewing spicy beers, Ed offered me some of his homemade ghost pepper Chex Mix made with dehydrated ghost peppers grown by Ed himself. While it made me cry and made my nose run, it was delightfully delicious.

Apparently a spoonful of sugar or a spray of whipped cream is the best cure for the burn. I’ll have to remember that for next time!

Another talented member of the All Saints team is Denise. She manages the taproom and waits tables, but her super skill is recycling grain bags into growler totes! For only $12, you can carry home your growlers in style.


Speaking of beers, here’s what they had on tap…

  • St. Juttemis Pumpkin Porter – 6.3% ABV Porter brewed with 275 pounds of locally grown, fresh roasted pie pumpkins; “met sint-juttemis” is a Dutch saying meaning basically: when hell freezes over, or when pigs fly, or when pumpkins get put into a porter.
  • Voodoo’s Child – 5.2% ABV German-style Dunkel brings together dark specialty malts with the smoothness of a lager; toasted malt aroma, light body and a quenching crispness; won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2002.
  • Crimson Halo – 5.3% ABV Amber Ale crafted to balance the hop profile with a toasty, sweet malt character, in both flavor and aroma. It has a nice medium body and a gentle, well balanced finish.
  • Sister Mary’s Redemption – 4.9% ABV English Brown Ale brewed with over eight specialty malts, each contributing to the color, flavor and aroma of this tantalizing brew.
  • St. Mosey’s Black Pils – 4.1% ABV Bohemian Black Pilsner that has the smoothness of a lager with a clean roasted edge and complex malt character. In spite of its dark color, this beer is a soft and elegant brew that is rich, mild, and surprisingly balanced.
  • IPA – 6.9% ABV English IPA offering a smooth hop bitterness with a deep and rich malt flavor. The hop aroma is delicately veiled within its huge malt profile.
  • Archangel Pale Ale – 5.6% ABV American Pale Ale that is nice and malty with a dry hoppy finish; also served on nitro making it real smooth and creamy.

If you’re not sure what to order, I highly recommend the Black and Tan, which is St. Mosey’s Black Pils and Archangel Nitro Pale Ale. Amazing.

Apparently St. Hildegard IPA, a 7.9% ABV West Coast IPA brewed with Centennial hops, was also on tap, but it kicked before I got a sip. I’ll trust the regulars that told me it was awesome.

Beers can be purchased to go in growlers at the brewery. I filled my growler with Voodoo’s Child, which was recommended by Beth, the local I chatted with at the bar.


All Saints currently has about 100 accounts, but Jeff admits that it is hard to keep up with demand. They currently distribute from Johnstown to Pittsburgh to Washington, PA.

Jeff expects to bottle 2011 and 2012 batches of his barleywine, which will be available this Christmas. A bourbon barrel barleywine should be available after the holidays in January or February. Piper’s Pub in Pittsburgh will host a tap takeover, which will include four cask beers in December. Watch All Saints’ Facebook page for updates.

I can’t wait to go back to All Saints Brewing Company. Even if it is a 4 hour drive.

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