Expansion at St. Boniface Brewing in Ephrata, PA Nearly Complete

Expansion at St. Boniface Brewing in Ephrata, PA Nearly Complete
St. Boniface Brewing Company
1701 W Main St | Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 466-6900

Back in June of this year Steph and I hit up the First Annual St. Bonifest at St. Boniface Brewing Company in Ephrata, PA. While there, we spoke with co-owner and marketing head, Dain Shirey who told us about the exciting plans for expansion at the brewery. Now, those plans are nearing fruition.

The brewery, in its third year of business and second location, is upgrading from a 3 bbl to a 15 bbl system to keep pace with demand as well as expanding to a wider market. They will also be canning two of their most popular beers, Libation Double IPA and Paideia Pale Ale. To accommodate the increased production capacity, the brewery has expanded its footprint at their current location on Main Street in Ephrata, PA. Once completed, the taproom and production spaces will be completely separate from one another, allowing for more flexibility during the brewing process.

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Much of the construction and preparation for the expansion was completed by the owners and employees of the company. “Our expansion is something we’ve been thinking about for years. In the end the wait and all the hard word will be worth it,” says co-owner Michael Price. Jonathan Northup, head brewer and co-owner, adds, “We are excited to be able to brew more beer and get our product into the hands of more people.”

We’re very excited to see this awesome area brewery continue to grow. Plans are in the works for the Beer Busters to record a podcast episode on-location at the newly upgraded brewery, so keep an eye (or, an ear) out for that. But, if you’re in the area, you don’t have to live vicariously through us; take a trip to St. Boniface and see for yourself why they were recently voted Lancaster County’s best brewery by voters in the Lancaster Online Hot Spots poll.

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  1. Jeff Herb

    Glad to see them growing! I was just down about 2 weeks ago and got a tour of the new toys and got to try some green beer from the tanks that they brewed on the new system. Paideia is a great beer, and that Molasses Porter is my new favorite from them.

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