Episode 66: Dude, Where’s the Lemon?

Episode 66: Dude, Where’s the Lemon?

With Tom Sheridan at Do Good Brewing

We sat down with owner Tom Sheridan at Do Good Brewing to chat about all the good he’s been doing. Tom talked about the brewery’s begininnings, plans for expansion and how everything Do Good does helps charity. Dan brought the news, including some lists, a new beer for the apocolypse and the latest w00t stout. Wayne debuted a brand new game (christened “Are You Smarter Than a BJCP Judge?” by Steph) and we learned about proper beer storage in Know Your Beers. And, of course, we sampled some Do Good brews.

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The Lineup…

  • w00tstout 2015 by Stone Brewing Company
    13% ABV Barrel Aged Stout (Sipping Beer)
  • United Ale
    5.8% ABV Cream Ale

  • Limoncello IPA
    5% ABV Lemon IPA
  • Kenzo Sour
    4.5% ABV Dark Sour Ale


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  1. Shane Swensen

    I am working my way through the episodes and this is the first one I have wanted to comment on. Tom Sheridan sounds like a good guy and a great salesman. He does not seem to know much about beer. The longer he is on mic the dumber he sounds. The charity work sounded good until he got to the Biere Forte and the Italian lessons. We need more charity work for Italian lessons, not food in kids bellies. I hope Do Good all the best, but Tom Sheridan came off to me as a clown. He will be taking and “my eyes start to glaze over.”

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