Episode 51: Your Palate is a Wonderland

Episode 51: Your Palate is a Wonderland

With Eric Santostefano and Tim Floros from
Levante Brewing Company

Brothers-in-law Eric and Tim homebrewed together for seven years and spent four years putting together Lavante Brewing. We sat down in the just-ready-to-open brewery in West Chester, PA in view of the brand new 15 bbl brew system. While sipping three of their tentpole brews, we chatted about their brewing history and their vision for the company. The news segment featured an actual, for reals, printed newspaper (yes, they still make those). In Happy Fun Time, we played the never-gets-old (I hope) Libation or Fabrication, and Steph taught us how the pros say you should sample beer in Know Your Beers. Plus we shot a quick video tour of the facility after the podcast, you can check it out here, and be sure to visit our brand new, super awesome YouTube channel.

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 The Line-up…

  • Bianco Wit
    5.5% ABV Wheat Beer
  • Norseman ESB
    5% ABV Extra Special Bitter
  • The Chief IPA
    7% ABV India Pale Ale

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