Episode 42: ‘Yunk Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

Episode 42: ‘Yunk Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

With Evan Fritz and Mark Graves from Manayunk Brewing

Head Brewer Evan Fritz and Assistant Brewer Mark Graves sat down with us upstairs at Manayunk Brewing Company and awesomeness ensued. Dan hit the news like a boss, including two lists, one of which was suggested by a fan. In Happy Fun Time we played the old standby Libation or Fabrication, this time a 2014 GABF edition. Our regular dose of beerducation in Steph’s Know Your Beers focused on Belgian Blondes (the beer style, not women). And, as always, we sampled some brews, including your humble editor’s first taste of a tequila barrel aged concoction.

Check out… this list of the best beer by state from Business Insider.

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The Line-up…

  • Schuylkill Punch
    Mixed Berry Ale
  • Yunkin’ Punkin’
    5.5% ABV Pumpkin Ale
  • Siembra Rouge
    Sour Red Ale Aged in White Oak Tequila Barrels

  • Session Belgian Single
    4.5% Belgian Style Blonde Ale
  • The Hive
    7.1% ABV American IPA
  • Dreamin’
    8.5% ABV Double IPA




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