Episode 20: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder

Episode 20: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder

Natalie-200With Natalie DeChico from Weyerbacher Brewing Company

For this episode, we were joined by two guests…but not at the same time: Colin Presby from Stoudt’s returned, and we had an interview with Natalie DeChico from Weyerbacher. Wayne debuted a new Happy Fun Time Game, and we drank several delicious Weyerbacher beers.

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The scrumptious Weyerbacher brews…

  • Auriga 6.5% ABV 44 IBU American Stout
  • Bootes 9% ABV 90 IBU Strong Ale
  • 2014 Heresy 8.0% ABV Imperial Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels
  • Insanity 11.1% ABV Ale Aged in Oak Barrels

And, back at the Beer Busters podcast basement, we sampled…


7.7% ABV Bottle-Conditioned Belgian Dubble brewed with plums

For more info on Althea and  The Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund of Lehigh Valley Health Network, to which one dollar per bottle of ALthea sold was donated, check out this article from the Weyerbacher blog.

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