Episode 126: Stickman Brews/Hop Hedz Gear (or Enough to be Dangerous)

Episode 126: Stickman Brews/Hop Hedz Gear (or Enough to be Dangerous)

With Jim Buckman & Kate Sorrento at Stickman Brews
and Bart Kaminski from Hop Hedz Gear

Back at Stickman again, and once again New England IPAs feature prominently in our discussion. This time, it’s because they brewed one…what?! I know, we were a bit shocked too. Ethan wasn’t event there to defend himself. Scandalous. But, seriously, it was pretty tasty, and it was a collaboration with our good friends at Hop Hedz. It’s called Double Deuce, and this evening was the release party. Kate Sorrento returned to the show along with Jim Buckman, who took up the mantle from Ethan on awesome beer discussion. Founder of Hop Hedz, Bart Kaminski, was also on hand to defend why he chose this particularly trendy (and contentious) beer style for the collab. As usual, Dan talked about the latest in brew news, we played a Stickman-inspired version of Libation or Fabrication, and Steph – continuing the theme of divisive beer styles – discussed Pumpkin Beers in Know Your Beers. Luckily, there was plenty of delicious liquid on hand.

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The Lineup…

  • Double Duece
    9.0% Double IPA collab with Hop Hedz Gear
  • General Merriment
    6.1% ABV Märzen
  • Worried Man Blues
    5.3% ABV Dry Hopped Helles Lager
  • Meh
    6% ABV IPA
  • The Nuclear Option
    7.5% ABV Baltic Porter

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