Episode 123: Joe Man (or No Baloney)

Episode 123: Joe Man (or No Baloney)

With The One and Only Joe Man

Back in the Beer Busters Podcast Basement we welcomed one of our oldest and biggest fans (those being descriptors of his fandom, not his physical person), the one-and-only-that’s-no-baloney Joe Man, aka Joe Mansell. The recording turned into essentially a bottle share, with several Patrons in attendance and many, many bottles of beer – including those from Joe’s hometown of Richmond, VA and some of his homebrews – passed around all night. Dan reported on the latest news including new beer and puke resistant shoes from Adidas and Millennials’ declining interest in craft beer (they ruin everything). In Happy Fun Time we played “Alternative Facts” and Steph talked about Mead in Know Your…Mead, I guess. We drank a lot of beer during what was one of the most fun episodes we’ve recorded.

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The Lineup…

  • Strawberry Margarita Popsicle from The Answer
    3.5% ABV Fruit and Himalayan Sea Salt Gose
  • 3 Scoops Passionfruit from The Answer
    3.5% ABV Fruit Smoothie Berliner Weiss
  • Florida Cracker from Cigar City Brewing
    5.5% ABV Belgian-style White Beer
  • Mead with Ginger from Black Heath Meadery
    12% ABV Mead
  • Ginger Mead by Joe Man
    11.5% ABV Homebrewed Mead
  • Computer, Earl Gray Mead, Chilled by Joe Man
    5.6% ABV Homebrewed Earl Gray Mead
  • Beet, Sweat, and Tears by Joe Man
    6.5% ABV Homebrewed Mead
  • Beet, Stout, and Tears by Joe Man
    5.5% ABV Homebrewed Sweet Stout
  • Passion Fruit Guppy from Pipeworks Brewing
    Session IPA with Passion Fruit and Honey
  • Dreamsicle from Pipeworks Brewing
    9% ABV Imperial Pale Ale with Lactose, Orange Slices, and Vanilla Beans
  • Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing
    5.1% ABV Cream Ale
  • Sweet Potato Souffle from Odd Side Ales
    10% ABV Barrel Aged Rye Ale with Sweet Potatoes
  • Chubbles II: Discovering Pilsengris from The Veil
    8% ABV Double IPA
  • Casual Drinks from The Veil Brewing
    8.5% ABV Double IPA
  • Bell Cow from JDub’s Brewing
    5.6% ABV Milk Chocolate Porter
  • Gingerbread Stout Vertical Tasting 2013 – 2016
    from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
    9.2% ABV Imperial Milk Stout with Ginger & Honey
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