Episode 117: Evil Genius Beer (or Click, Click, Twist, Twist, Twist)

Episode 117: Evil Genius Beer (or Click, Click, Twist, Twist, Twist)
With Luke Bowen, Trevor Hayward, Garrett Williams & Kevin Keller
at The Lab at Evil Genius Beer Company

Way back in July of 2013, Luke and Trevor journeyed to the Beer Busters Podcast Basement to join us for Episode 7 of our then fledgling podcast. The founders and owners of Evil Genius Beer Company were our first “real” beer industry guests. They, and many others from Evil Genius, have appeared on the podcast several times – but Evil Genius never had their own location…until now. We’ve finally had the honor of recording a podcast at The Lab, the tasting room at the newly opened Evil Genius Brewery in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. As wells as catching up with Evil Genius, in this episode we discussed at length the AB-InBev acquisition of Wicked Weed, played Years of Beers in Happy Fun Times, and Rich took over Know Your Beers again to talk about beer “muling”. And we drank, obviously.

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The Lineup…

  • Everybody Puts Baby in the Corner
    4.2% ABV Cascade Cream Ale
  • Just Keep Swimming
    5.8% ABV Cantaloupe Simcoe Spelt Saison
  • Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen
    5.5% ABV Irish Red Ale
  • Spicy Señorita
    Stacy’s Mom with Jalapeños and Pineapple

  • This One Time at Band Camp
    8% ABV Citra and Simcoe Double IPA
  • Zee Goggles! Zey Do Nothing!
    9.2% ABV Maple Syrup English Barleywine
  • That Escalated Quickly
    11.5% ABV Kiwi Triple IPA

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