Episode 114: Sly Fox Brewing (or Goats and Cans)

Episode 114: Sly Fox Brewing (or Goats and Cans)

With Brian O’Reilly & Peter Giannopoulos at Sly Fox Brewing

We set up shop at Sly Fox’s Pottstown location to sit down with Brewmaster Brian O’Reilly and Assistant Operations Manager Peter Giannopoulos. Over brews we chatted about the Schuylkill River Trail Ale Earth Day release, learned the ins and outs of “Can Jam” and got the scoop on the origin story of Sly Fox’s famous Annual Bock Festival and Goat Races. Dan reported on the Brewers Association “crack-down” on offensive beer names and a collaboration between Alesmith and the band Sublime. In Happy Fun Time we played Band or Beer and Steph explored the Doppelbock style in Know Your Beers. And guess what? We drank beer too.

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The Beers…

  • SRT Ale
    4.6% ABV American Pale Ale
  • Dry Hopped Pils
    5.2% ABV German-style Dry Hopped Pilsner
  • Royal Weisse
    5.6% ABV Bavarian-style Wheat Beer
  • Instigator Doppelbock
    7.5% ABV German-style Doppelbock
  • Hefeweizen Doppelbock
    7.4% ABV Wheat Doppelbock
  • Slacker Bock
    6.6% ABV Bock

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  1. Tom Mariano

    I happened to be inside the Tasting Room the evening that you guys podcasted this. You can hear Matt Guyer’s infectious laughter periodically in the background.
    Nice job!
    And you’re right – you can’t make up the fact that goats are raced and beers are named for them 🙂

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