Episode 112: Breweries in PA (or We Weren’t Supposed to Get Drunk)

Episode 112: Breweries in PA (or We Weren’t Supposed to Get Drunk)

With Glen Gabriel and Matt Kozar from Breweries in PA

Back again in the Beer Busters Podcast Basement, we sat down with Glen and Matt from Breweries in PA, an online resource for exploring the world of craft beer in Pennsylvania. We talked about the impetus for creating Breweries in PA, how it’s changed and grown and where it’s headed in the future. Dan delivered the news, including the much-anticipated annual list of the top 50 breweries of 2016 in the US from the Brewers Association. In Happy Fun Time we invoked the spirit of Bob Barker in The Beer Seller, and Steph handed over the reigns to Rich in a very special edition of Know Your Beers all about how to keep your DD happy. Through it all, we drank a not insignificant amount of beers from across the great state of Pennsylvania.

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The Beers…

  • Søle Artisan Ales and Jack’s Abby Brewing Wicked Philthy
    7% IPL
  • Stickman Brews Lazlo
    6.8% ABV Brett IPA
  • South County Brewing Cosmic Nod
    5% ABV Pale Ale
  • Neshaminy Creek Brewing Coffee JAWN
    5.2% ABV Juicy Ale With Nugget with Rise Up Coffee
  • Sole Artisan Ales & Evil Twin Brewing Evil Smoosh
    7.8% ABV Double IPA with Strawberries, Rhubarb and Milk Sugar
  • Funk Brewing Tumble Week
    5.5% ABV Pale Ale
  • St. Boniface Brewing Surprise It’s Another IPA
    7.1% ABV IPA
  • Stickman Brews Store Bought Is Fine
    7.2% IPA
  • Pizza Boy Brewing Spandex, Glitter, and Egos
    6% ABV IPA
  • St. Boniface Brewing Pilsner
    5.3% ABV Pilsner
  • Voodoo Brewery Unrefined
    8.1% ABV American IPA
  • Spring House Brewing Citra Must Be Destroyed
    10.5% ABV Double IPA
  • Carton Brewing Gilded Lily
    10.6% ABV Trufpel


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