Episode 11: Beer’s Looking at You, Kid

Episode 11: Beer’s Looking at You, Kid

Ep11_Thumb-200With Brian Ballantine…

Hallo! (That’s “Hello” in Dutch according to the interwebs.) In this installment of Beer Busters, our friend Brian Ballantine, homebrewer and Belgian Beer buff, stopped by to help us record. We covered some news, played “Years of Beers,” got beerducated about Belgian beers in this edition of Know Your Beer, and reviewed a select few brews.

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Beer tasted in this episode:
From X Ales Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project X ALES: 1838 & 1945 – Two versions of the same X (Mild) Ale brewed by the same London brewery 107 years apart:

  • X ALES 1838, by Once Upon a Time Old School Mild, 7.4% ABV
  • X ALES 1945 Modern Mild, 2.8% ABV


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