Episode 101: Broken Goblet Brewing (or Sour Teabags)

Episode 101: Broken Goblet Brewing (or Sour Teabags)

With Paul Lahm, Jay Grosse and Righteous Jolly
at Broken Goblet Brewery

For Beer Busters 101, we took a trip out to Broken Goblet Brewing in Bristol, PA. We were joined by returning podcast guest, Paul Lahm, whose become a bit of a resident mad-scientist brewer at Broken Goblet. Co-owner Jay Grosee and Bar Manager Righteous Jolly also took turns on the mic as we chatted about the the brewery, its history and array of goings-on. Dan gave us the scoop in news, we played Band or Beer (with a gothic theme) in Happy Fun Time and Steph talked about brewing with tea in Know Your Beers. And, as usual, we sampled an array of delicious libations, some of which are not listed here because, frankly, we went off script and this episode was recorded about a month before I am writing this. So, give me a break, huh? You’ll just have to listen.

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The Lineup(ish)…

  • Steinbeiser’s Buried Treasure
    5.2% ABV Cream Ale
  • Yin Yang Oatmeal Stout
    7.1% Oatmeal Stout
  • Bubba’s Tea Bag
    6.1% Pale Ale infused with tea
  • Raspberry Sour Tea Bag
    7.4% Barrel Soured 2015 Bubba’s Tea Bag
  • Irregular Batch Pomegranate-Raspberry Belgian Strong Ale
    9% Irregular (Mug Club) Belgian Strong Ale aged with Pomegranate and Raspberry


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