Dauphin County Rep. Tom Mehaffie Becomes Brewer for a Day at Tröegs

Dauphin County Rep. Tom Mehaffie Becomes Brewer for a Day at Tröegs

Pictured (from left): John Trogner, Troegs co-owner, Rep. Tom Mehafie, Chris Trogner, Troegs, co-owner

Press release… The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, was pleased and honored to host Representative Tom Mehaffie at the latest Brewer For A Day event held at Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, Pa. on July, 17.  This was the BOP’s eighth successful Brewer For A Day event, an initiative designed to give state legislators a hands-on, insider’s perspective on the brewing process, as well as further educate Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives on the direct economic impact craft brewers have on communities throughout the state.

Rep. Mehaffie received an up-close brewing experience where he toured the brewery, added hops to a scratch beer, and engaged with the state-of-the-art automation that helps Troegs produce some of Pennsylvania’s finest craft beers.

“It was a pleasure for Troegs to host our local representative, Tom Mehaffie, as the BOP’s latest Brewer For A Day,” said Chris Trogner, co-owner of Troegs. “Tom joined us for a tour, and added first hops to our chocolate stout.  As a business owner and now public representative, he understands the challenges and rewards of growing a small business.”

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Rep. Mehaffie, Pa. District 106, serves Dauphin County, and owns Breski Beverage in Harrisburg.

“Troegs Brewing Company was one of the first on the Central Pennsylvania craft beer scene, and seeing firsthand how their business has grown over the last twenty years is evidence of the growth of the microbrewery industry as whole,” said Rep. Mehaffie. “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about its operations in Derry Township, which employs 220 outstanding individuals, and I look forward to working with Troegs and other breweries in my district to ensure this unique industry continues to thrive.”

Rep. Mehaffie took part in the eighth Brewer For A Day event. The BOP and its members will take advantage of the popularity of the Brewer For A Day program by hosting many more events throughout 2017.  Sen. Rafferty, Pa. District 44, was the first legislator to take part in this fun and informative program.  Senator Rafferty visited Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown on August 15. Rep. Kurt Masser, Pa. District 107, was the second legislator to serve as Brewer For A Day. Rep. Masser visited Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville on September 29. Sen. Sean Wiley, Pa. District 49, was the third legislator to participate. Sen. Wiley visited Lavery Brewing Company in Erie on October 5.

Rep. Harry Lewis Jr., Pa. District 74, was the BOP’s fourth Brewer For A Day. Rep. Lewis visited Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown on October 14. Rep. Adam Harris, Pa. District 82, and Rep. Paul Costa, Pa. 34 (Chairmen of the Pennsylvania House Liquor Control Committee) visited Victory Brewing Company in Parkesburg on November 17. Rep. Mike Carroll, Pa. District 118, Sen. John Yudichak, Pa. District 14, and Rep. Aaron Kaufer, Pa. District 120 visited Susquehanna Brewing Company in Pittston on May 2. Rep. Dave Reed, Pa. District 62, visited Levity Brewing Company in Indiana on July 17.

In July, 2016, Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, signed a $1.3 billion revenue package. Part of that package included a Malt Beverage Tax Credit not to exceed $5 million annually. The tax credit, matching equipment and facilities investments made by applicant breweries, has been one of the BOP’s top legislative goals since 2013. The BOP fully supports this tax credit measure, and considers it a major victory for all craft breweries in the Commonwealth, particularly smaller breweries as the benefits of the measure is capped at $200,000 per year, per brewery.

About the Brewers of Pennsylvania – The Brewers of Pennsylvania is a 501c6 trade association that brings together leaders of Pa.-based breweries in order to promote and protect the brewing industry in the state.  The Brewers of Pennsylvania, a strong and influential organization, serves the consuming public of Pa. by encouraging brand diversity in the market. BOP members employ an estimated 10,000 employees earning $296 million in wages and generating $1.1 billion in direct economic benefits to communities throughout the state.  Its signature annual event is the popular Meeting of the Malts. #supportPAbeer

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