A Stop at Petaluma Hills

A Stop at Petaluma Hills
Petaluma Hills Brewing Company
1333 N McDowell Blvd | Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 766-4458

Homebrewer JJ Jay first had the idea to open a brewery in 2008 in his backyard. He started the business in 2011, raised money in 2012, and brewed his first commercial beer in 2013.

JJ quit his career in animation to become Chief Kettle Cleaner of Petaluma Hills Brewing Company, located in Petaluma, just north of San Francisco, CA, in 2014. Petaluma Hills is located directly across the street from Lagunitas.

Most of the beers on tap at Petaluma Hills are the recipes created by JJ as a homebrewer. He has been homebrewing since 1991.


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Beers on tap at Petaluma Hills Brewing Company include…

  • Big House Blonde – 6.2% ABV Belgian-style Blonde made with Belgian Pilsen and Belgian aromatic malts along with East Kent Goldings hops and a Belgian Abbey yeast.
  • Porterluma – 5.1% ABV Brown Porter brewed with British pale and brown malts along with English and German hops and a British ale yeast.
  • Line & Twine IPA – 7.7% ABV IPA made with Maris Otter malt and Columbus, East Kent Goldings, and Mosaic hops combining biscuity creaminess and slight bitterness.
  • Red Tag Ale – 5.4% ABV Irish Red Ale brewed with a mixture of specialty malts and British pale malt, English hops, and an Irish yeast.
  • East Side Bitter – 5.3% ABV highly hopped ESB made with British pale and caramel malts and English and German hops creating a smooth, drinkable ale.
  • Triple J – 8.5% ABV Belgian-style Tripel brewed with German and Czech hops, Belgian Pilsen and aromatic malts, and a Trappist yeast.
  • Old Abode Stout – 4.1% ABV Dry Stout made with British pale malt, black barley, and white wheat malt.
  • Rivertown Brown – 4.3% ABV Northern English Brown brewed with British and American pale malts along with Munich, Chocolate, and wheat malt.
  • Lamppost Ale – 4.6% ABV Honey Nut Brown Ale made with black barley, chocolate malt, wheat, and honey along with a mixture of American hops and a London ale yeast.

The taproom at Petaluma Hills is open 2 to 9 PM almost everyday. You can sit at the bar and get a full view of the brewhouse and chat with the brewing staff to learn about the beers and brewing process.


You could also choose to play darts while enjoying a pint of beer or play one of the many board games on hand in the taproom.

Petaluma Hills does not have a kitchen yet, so patrons are encouraged to bring outside food into the taproom. Occasionally local restaurants will set up in the taproom to sell food.

Merchandise including T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and keychains, is available for purchase along with bottles, growlers, and kegs.

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